Jan 16

Concert Fantasy and Fantasy Petite 2014 – New Changes and Our 40th Reunion Celebration

Have you Heard the buzz and chatter
about Concert Fantasy and Fantasy Petite???

 Concerts 2014 return to Cashman Theatre!

 Ticket Prices will be LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE as the last 2 years!

The dates are as announced: August 9 and 10, 2014.

The Spectacular staging will still be SPECTACULAR!


Ya know what else..?
It will be the 40th Anniversary of the Conservatory in Las Vegas
and all the alumnae are holding a 40th Reunion!!! 

Can You Imagine??

 So now you know what is causing all the buzz and chatter!!
Let us know you want to join the fun.


  1. Erin Wittig

    This is amazing. Can’t wait to learn about all the details for the reunion

  2. Chelyn Sawyer

    I’m now a new mommy and getting on my dancing feet again will be wonderful! I can’t wait to show my little one the studio where I grew up!

  3. Lucinda Cartagena

    Super excited to be a part of this!!! Tons of great memories where made at the studio!!!

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