little ones

Ages 3-7: All classes 1 Hour
Creative Movement
Pre-Kindergarten Ballet/Tap Combination Classes
Pre-Broadway Dance

Dance class

Ages 8 and up: Classes 1-1.5 Hours
Ballet, Boys Ballet, Variations, Partnering and Lifts, Pointe
Jazz, Leaps and Turns
Broadway Dance, Broadway Jazz

Ballet class

Auditioning for the Performing Groups or principal parts in concerts gives the opportunity for individual advancement as well as performing year round at community events and competitions. For more information, please call the studio.

Group of dancersDancers
Dancers in front of Las Vegas sign

Award-winning performing groups which include: ballet, tap, jazz, vocal, lyrical, Acro, and contemporary. In addition to the general Conservatory activities, the performing groups pursue interests in community events and competitions in Nevada and beyond. They have continued to bring local and national honors and awards to Las Vegas. Membership is through audition in August and September of each year. From small performances for civic and charitable groups to extravagant productions on large hotel stages, our students experience the necessity of concentration and discipline required for the professional and happy memories that last a lifetime. Our performing groups have appeared in special events that include: Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship, Disneyland Magic Music Days, New Year’s Gala at the Riviera, The Venetian Hotels, July 4th Firework Shows, the Sam Boyd Stadium, UNLV half-time, Sea World, Six Flags, The Nutcracker Ballet, various charitable events and Christmas shows throughout our community. Our performing groups provide shows during the year to local nursing homes and malls and during December they not only perform for open house but entertain the community with a one-day action packed bus tour.



Gymnastics group

Play Gym (18 months-3.5yrs)
Girls Progressive
Boys Progressive
Rising Stars (Team)
Shooting Stars (Team)
Open Just Tumble

The gymnastics department is non-competitive. They do participate in the newly revived “Mini-Olympics” each year which features performance routines rotating through the vault, bars, beam, floor-x and extras for prizes and applause!




Open Cheer and Stunting
Las Vegas All Stars Cheer (Competitive Team)




Silks Classes for beginners and professionals.
Lyra Classes for beginners and professionals.
Aerial Gym for beginners and professionals.
Aerial Classes for Kids.




Open Adult Tumbling
Aerobic Fitness
Zumba (Drop-In)
Senior Dance (With John Rothman of “So You Think You’ve Got Talent”)


Musical Theatre

musical theatre

Broadway 1 Dance
Broadway Jazz
Musical Theatre Acting- “The Torti Company”

Performing groups

Martial Arts

Martial arts performance

Shaolin Kempo has its roots in fifth century China. Shaolin Kempo includes skills from other martial arts such as karate, kung fu, kempo art, jiu jitsu and Shaolin temple boxing. Shaolin kempo concentrates on four ways of fighting: with your hands, arms, elbows or forearms. It provides an excellent cardio workout while learning an traditional style of self-defense.

Benefits of this martial art for children and adults are focus, strength, fitness, coordination and balance. Shaolin Kempo has 5 Principles that students learn: Effort, Etiquette, Sincerity, Self-Control and Character. The art includes movements of the five animals: the tiger, leopard, dragon, crane and snake. The tiger represents ferocity and strength. The tiger is feared by all who encounter it. The leopard is the fastest of the five animals. The crane symbolizes balance and centeredness within the practitioner's movements. The snake includes both the boa and python. The snake stands for flexibility and precision. The dragon is unconquerable and possesses all of the traits of the other animals. In addition, the dragon has a will to live that makes it impossible to beat.

All the skills taught in classes are based around the five animals of Shaolin Kempo. Students will be building confidence, learning teamwork and participating in activities that keep them physical fit. 
These classes will be teaching students the fundamentals of punches, blocks and kicks while learning self-defense techniques. Each student will progress through the class working on cardio, motor skills, balance, coordination and focus.
Our kids Martial Arts program participates in the following fun activities:

  • Master classes with guest instructors
  • Ninja nights, movie nights and parents night out
  • Halloween Spooktactular
  • Ninja Olympics
  • Tournaments
  • Day camp and summer intensives

Birthday Parties

birthday party

For a unique party idea, call the conservatory to schedule your next birthday party. Children ages 5 – 12 can have a Dance, Hip Hop, Theatre, Gymnastics or Karate themed party. 

Party includes: 1 hour of planned activity, ½ hour in decorated party room, colorful helium balloons, party music and invitations plus a free gift for guests. 

Call for reservations or more information at 702-458-7575.


Summer Day Camps

Summer day camp

Searching for summer activities for your children? Please call for more details.