About Fern Adair Conservatory of the Arts

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Our Philosophy

Each student should vigorously strive to reach his or her own ultimate summit of progress expression and expertise. It is toward those ideals that the faculty and staff of the Fern Adair Conservatory of the Arts is committed and dedicated.

Our Mission

To cultivate beauty and creativity in the arts. To provide the inspiration toward higher goals. To instill ethics and standards as a legacy.

Our Facility

Our 20,000 sq. ft. facility is especially designed for education in the Arts. Six classrooms are equipped with floating wood floors, extensive mirrors and barres. Classrooms ceiling height is 18 feet for dance and 24 feet in the gym. Three classrooms offer 1,350 sq. ft. each with 1 rehearsal studio at 2,300 sq. ft. which is equipped with stage lighting/drapery for performances, auditions and presentations. A private music studio is also available.

A Dream Come True

Established in Las Vegas in 1974 with one store front in a shopping center as the Fern Adair Dance Studios... in twelve years had expanded to its own 20,000 sq ft especially designed performing arts school now known as The Fern Adair Conservatory of the Arts.
Under the guidance of husband and wife team Fern Adair and Ray Criddle, the Conservatory strives to protect its long standing excellent reputation by believing that our lobby is indeed “ a neighborhood” for families to entrust their children for a positive and challenging learning experience.
Fern’s dream has surely come true watching the students excel happily in dance, gymnastics, theatre, music, martial arts and all the related performance and social events connected with the Conservatory.

Our Gym

Our 8,000 sq. ft. gym is equipped for development at all ages. Our gym is well-lit, fully carpeted and extensively equipped with a regulation spring FloorX, regulation cheerleading floor, an in-ground trampoline, tumble track, 20’ x 20’ x 6’ foam pit, all event apparatus and a vast assortment of pre-school and development equipment to assure your child’s safety and progress.

Conservatory Performances

All Conservatory students annually perform large benefit productions for the community. These shows take place on a local performing arts stage, which has included The Aladdin Theater for the Preforming Arts, Orleans Arena, The Smith Center and more… while featuring professional lighting and technical crews making them into one of the best dance shows you can see in Las Vegas.
As a result of Conservatory performances, nearly $500,000 has been donated to local children’s charities and more recently the Ronald McDonald House charities of greater Las Vegas.
We’re very proud of the children and families who contribute by giving of their time to help us make dreams come true for our Conservatory kids and the children of Southern Nevada.

Conservatory Boutique

Want the latest looks in dancewear? Our Boutique features dance wear, aerobic wear, dance shoes, accessories and gift items. Come in and check out our new dance collections. We also have items for gymnasts and martial artists. Gift certificates are also available.

Conservatory Dress Code For All Departments

ballet Ballet Department
Hair must be secured off of the neck and away from the face, preferably in a bun. Black leotard, pink tights, (full footed), pink ballet shoes or pointe shoes. No jewelry. Stud earrings are permitted.
Ballet 4 and above: may be permitted to add a short (solid black) ballet skirt with the teacher’s discretion.
Advanced Ballet: in addition to the above, may also wear leotard in black, navy, hunter green or burgundy.
Boys: Black tights or fitted jazz pants or bikers with a fitted t-shirt tucked in. Black or white shoes.

tap-shoes Tap and Jazz Department
Hair must be secured off of the neck and away from the face.
No jewelry. Stud earrings are permitted.
Leotard, unitard, 2 piece fitted danceware.
Shoes: jazz or tap shoes.
Tights are optional. Jazz pants are permitted with non-baggy fit.
Boys: Jazz pants are permitted with non-baggy fit with non-baggy t-shirt.

contemporary Contemporary/Lyrical Department
Hair must be secured off of the neck and away from the face.
Leotard (your choice of color), tights optional, bare feet or jazz shoes.
No jewelry. Stud earrings are permitted.
Boys: Fitted pants with fitted t-shirt.

combination Combination Classes
Leotard, tights, your choice of color or style as well as short ballet skirts.
Tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.
Boys: Light weight slacks or shorts and a fitted t-shirt

gymnastics Gymnastics Department
Leotard or biketard – your choice of color. NO TWO PIECE OUTFITS.
Hair must be secured off of the neck and away from the face.
No tights, no shoes. No jewelry. No dangling earrings, only posts.
Boys: fitted pants or fitted shorts with fitted t-shirt.

martial arts Martial Arts Department
White to Orange Belts wear plain white student uniforms.
Purple belts and above wear plain black student uniforms.
All students are to wear a tank top shirt under their uniform.
All students must wear their belt.
No jewelry at all. No wrist or headbands

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